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Vancouver Bed and Breakfast | The Balfour | Heritage house in Shaughnessy, BC, Canada | British Columbia
Vancouver Bed and Breakfast | The Balfour | Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver bed and breakfast welcome to the Balfour Bed and Breakfast

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The Balfour - Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Question 1: How far is it from the Vancouver airport and the Balfour, and what would the cost be?

The Balfour is about 10km from the airport, close to the city centre. A taxi from the airport takes about 17 minutes and will cost approximately $ Cdn 21.

Question 2: What do I need to do after I make my reservation? do I need to contact you?

Answer: We do need your email address and telephone number so we can update you or query something. Please give it to your travel agent to send to us or email us at

Question 3: What if we need to arrive arrive late?

Answer: When you have made your reservation and travel arrangements please let us know your arrival time by email or fax to 6047329207. If we do not hear from you we will presume you are coming at the normal check in 2-4pm (summer) 4-6pm (winter).We accept arrivals any time and late arrivals are no problem, just let us know when you will be arriving ; if after 10pm we will put a note and the keys in the mail box outside the front door.

Question 4: What type of breakfast is served?

Answer: From September to May a continental breakfast is generally served between 8:15 AM and 9:30 AM (depending on condition of the booking reservation, some restrictions may apply for weekly rates). PLEASE NOTE re BREAKFAST - NO LONGER
At customers' requests to keep our daily rates the lowest possible, and because we are so close to many inexpensive eateries, we no longer serve breakfast as we used to previously. Thus there is no meal plan with your booking. Our rates continue to be the lowest by far in Vancouver.

Question 5: Is there a common room where we can meet other guests?

Answer: You can meet the other guests at breakfast each morning in the common room. There is a TV and free local telephone you can use.

Question 6: Is there broadband or internet access, do I have to pay?

Answer: Wireless hi-speed internet is provided free throughout the home

Question 7: Is there private parking available?

Answer: There is no private parking but you can park your car on the street right outside the house, it is free to you because we have paid to the city already, and our area is known to be very safe.

Question 8: Is there public transport/restaurants/shops/parks nearby and how long does it take to the downtown financial core?

Answer: Excellent transport links by bus and sky train are very close, walking distance (buses are 100 yards away), parks and walks are plentiful. A bus ride to the core takes 7-10 minutes.There are several small eateries nearby plus many restaurants, shops, a supermarket and post office, also a neighburhood Starbucks!

Question 9: We would like to book a tour to Victoria/Whister, what are your recommandation?

If you are planning a tour you can visit you can visit the following website Tours4Fun, they have tour packages for all budgets.

Question 10: How far are you from the Canada Place Cruise Terminal?

Answer: We are at 10 minutes from the Canada Place Cruise Terminal. Here is a link with the distance from our B&B to the Canada Place.


Vancouver bed and breakfast
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he Balfour - Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bed & Breakfast

1064 Balfour Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1X1
Phone +1 (604) 559 7773

Vancouver bed and breakfast
Vancouver bed and breakfast
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